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Acne does not have to be a life stalling disease.  Don't want to talk about your acne.  Learn about the causes, how to treat your acne with OTC products and overcome your self imposed value of yourself on this website.

You can successfully deal with your acne. Acne is a skin disease which affects around 80% of North Americans at some point in their lives.  While it is commonly thought of as a right of passage for children becoming teenagers, adult acne is becoming more of an challenge as well.

There are two groups of people who suffer from this disease the most.  They are teenage boys and adult women.  That is not to say that teenage girls and adult men do not get acne, they do, but generally it is not to the same extent. 

What is interesting is that acne is an unpredictable disease and even in this day and age, from what I have read, the exact causes of acne are not known for sure.  There are a number of theories and ideas out there but the exact causes are still being investigated.

In putting together this website I have read five books and a number of articles on the subject of acne, reviewed a lot of postings on Yahoo answers, epinions and Amazon about acne and acne products, visited a number of websites and recalled my own experiences as well as those of my children.

Acne Solutions, Acne Diet and Acne Treatment

Interestingly what I found was there is not one simple acne solution for everyone as what will work for one person may not work for someone else.  So let's say that your friend had great results with one of the Murad acne products. So you went out and purchased this acne product only to find out after using it that it did not work for you.  What you have learned is that you and your friend are different and you will need to do a bit more exploration to find the acne treatment that will work for you.

the exact causes are not known there are still a number of controversial topics when it comes to acne.  While it is generally believed to be related to hormones, ones diet is a major area of disagreement.  Many of the earlier works in the area of acne reference an old study on chocolate and acne to show that there is no link between the two.  However, more recent work shows that the earlier work did not follow correct research protocols and was too short to conclude anything.  As with all changes in thought, more information is now being found that suggests an changing what you eat or changing to an acne diet may reduce your symptoms.

The other main point is that we live in a now society, meaning that people generally want results today.  Unfortunately, acne does not recognize the now society and it can take up to six to eight weeks before you start to see results.  Real improvements to your skin may take up to four to six months.

As there are many kinds of acne it is strongly suggested you visit your health care provider or a dermatologist at least once during your initial bout to ensure you indeed have acne vulgaris or common acne and not something that looks like acne.

Acne Help for Canadian Physicians Without Access to a Dermatologist

If you happen to be a Canadian doctor living in a remote area or an area which is not serviced by a dermatologist, you can log in to the ConsultDerm website and have your patients acne conditions reviewed by a dermatologist via an electronic consultation service.  This is one way you can improve the lives of your patients.

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This website will cover the following areas:

Natural Acne Cure - Don't want to use the typical chemical route to treat your acne. Try some of these natural products.

Back acne - Is back acne different than acne on your face?

Acne Causes - How does this disease form?

Acne Help - Looking for more information on acne check out these websites.

Adult acne - Why is adult acne increasing and what can you do about it?

Acne Prevention - A daily plan for helping to ensure that acne does not become a problem.

Acne Diet - This in an extremely controversial area.  Read what the latest research says.

Acne Solutions - How can you take a step towards finding a solution to your acne.

Acne Products - What products are available and which ones should you use.

Acne Book Reviews - A brief summary of the books which I have referenced for some of the information presented in this website.  If you are looking for more information on a specific topic this may be a good place to start.

Acne Treatment - You cannot cure acne but you can treat it.  Find out a number of ways using early obtainable OTC products.