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Acne Book Reviews - Learn about the disease to treat the disease

Get an acne review and knowledge reading a few good books

In these acne book reviews I will guide you through the main purpose of each book and why you may want to consider obtaining a copy.  Although always recommended, going to a professional for help with your acne may not be what you want to do right now.  In this case you are likely looking for information which gives an overall acne review and getting it from a book is a good place to start.

These books are all available from Amazon although you may want to just go down to your local library and see if they have a copy.  I always like to go to Amazon initially as they get a lot of customer reviewing their books and you can find out which book was the most helpful to other people.  Having said that, let’s begin our acne book reviews which are sorted by the publication date. 
This website was put together with the help of the books below. 

The Clear Skin Diet
Alan C. Logan and Valori Treloar

Alan is a naturopathic physician and Valori is a dermatologist.  Of all of the books which I read, this is the most recent and it contains references to new work showing a more direct link between acne and diet.  Also, it contains a critical review of the two chocolate investigations that have been referenced for decades to show that there is no link between acne and diet.  If you believe, as the authors do that acne and diet are related this book provides many examples which support this argument.

Acne For Dummies
Herbert P. Goodheart

Herbert is a dermatologist.  This book provides a good acne treatment review and has a good overview of acne with no overall bias towards any particular method of treatment.  The book tries to give both sides of the story and covers most of the areas concerning acne.  Discusses a number of alternate treatment methods which are not yet know but his thoughts are given. Some comments seem to counter other authors but wording does allow for statements to go either way.  Offers ideas on how to prepare for a dermatologist visit in regards to what questions to ask are presented.  Easy to read and well indexed so you can find what you are looking for quickly.

Healing Adult Acne: Your Guide to Clear Skin And Self-confidence

Richard G. Fried

Richard is a dermatologist who is also a psychologist.  This book focuses on how to reduce the stress in your life as a way of improving your acne.  The fundamental statement is "Almost all acne is hormonal".  While the book covers a number of different treatment types the main focus is on your psyche and how you are dealing with stress and anxiety.  The book offers a table to guide you towards identifying your acne triggers and offers suggestions on how to make changes to control your acne.

Breaking Out : A Woman's Guide to Coping with Acne at Any Age
Lydia Preston

Lydia is a journalist who spent many years reporting on dermatology and skin conditions.  She reports on her long personal experience with acne as well as reporting on the wisdom of many doctors she has interviewed.  This book narrows down the types of over the counter products useful in the prevention of acne as well as providing information on natural treatments and emotional issues.  A unique appendix which looks at the concentration of active ingredient as well as the pH of various acne products is provided.  This table can give you a good guide when you are starting to identify what acne product works best for you.

The Acne Cure Book: The Nonprescription Plan That Shows Dramatic Results in as Little as 24 Hours

Terry J. Dubrow and Brenda D. Adderly

Details a simple method for the prevention of ance stating that using the procedure described will likel cure 95% of the acne cases.  Program uses three differnt OTC products in a specific order to deal with the various stages of ance.  This is one of the best methods which I have come across in regards to the treatment of ance.  Describes detailed causes of acne and how their program combates each step.  The parts of the prgram are identifed in other books but the other books do not put it all together.  Based on reviews in Amazon a large number of people using this program have found that it works for them.

Another book series which I have read, which I believe would help many with their acne, are the
Fit For Life
books written by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond.  These are overall health books which are sure to improve your level of health and potentially your acne too.

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