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Your acne causes may be different than your friends

What causes pimples and acne?  – hormones, stress and diet

By now you would think that the exact acne causes would be known.  But this does not appear to be so although it appears that high hormone levels are associated with acne.  From the five books which I have read and the research I have done, while it seems that while parts of the puzzle have been solved, there are still a number of areas which are not completely understood.

The Average Person Wants a Pill

The video below will give you some good information on how you can cause your acne.  The same comments are echoed in the Fit for Life books written by Harvey Diamond.  Basically, when you eat too much of the wrong foods your body will do what ever it can to protect itself.  This can include a number of skin issues, obesity and other diseases.  My belief is that when the average person goes to the doctor theyr are lookin for an easy out.  Given the choice between a diet change and a pill many will take the pill.  When you decide this is not the path you want the video below will likely make more sense to you.

Learn more about acne erasig secrets and what you can do to overcome this disease.

What Causes Pimples and Acne

Most agree that there are a number of acne breakout causes.  In the hair follicle, the level of sebum, which is produced by the sebaceous gland and regulated by hormones, begins to increase for some reason.  This increase is believed to come from a more sensitive sebaceous gland instead of increase in androgens, the hormone which can fuel breakouts.

Next, the rate at which keratinocytes, which are cells lining the hair follicle and their stickiness starts to increase.  When the increased level of sebum combines with the increased level of dead sticky cells, there is a potential that the opening of the hair follicle becomes blocked.  Acne causes which result in red swelling skin, white or black heads are now in place.

The bacterium Propionibacterium acnes, which is normally found in the skin is controlled by the level of oxygen in the pore.  Once the pore is closed, the level of oxygen drops and the amount of bacteria begins to increase along with their waste products.  Once this occurs your immune system sends in large volumes of red and white blood cells to try and isolate the infection.  This ultimately results in the red lumps which are commonly associated with acne.

At this point and also at any time with acne it is important that you do not squeeze your pimples as the cells below the skin surface can become damaged.  On the surface of your skin, if the pus is exposed to oxygen, you get a white head and if it is not you get a black head.  I don’t even remember getting black heads but I do remember white heads and red swelling under my skin.

For a more elaborate explanation of acne breakout causes check out this excellent presentation these adult
acne causes
.  This site offers an excellent guide on the causes of acne and for the visual learners you can follow along with the first-rate diagrams they have produced.

So while the above gives you a general idea on what causes pimples and acne you may also be interested in things youcan do to control your acne.  These fall into categories such as improving your handling of stress which can be done through exercise, meditation, learning how to change your feelings about certain stressful situation and accepting them as positive instead of negative.

You may want to change the way you eat.  There seems to be a number of examples showing when the standard Western diet moves into a new society the amount of acne in that society is seen to increase.  As obesity is increasing this is a sign that exercise and food consumption or incorrect food combinations are occurring.  If this is a trigger for your acne you should check out the acne diet information on this site.