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The Best Anti Acne Diet Will Improve More Than Your Face

Prevent Acne, Diet Responsibly and Your Skin and Body Will Thank You

An anti acne diet should put you on the path to better health.  An improved diet is not just for your acne but it is for feeling great.  Healthy living and glowing skin go hand in hand.  Until recently, talk of an acne clearing diet was met with skepticism and doubt.  One of the main reasons for this was that the level of nutritional information and courses given to most doctors was/is minimal and there were two earlier chocolate studies which showed no link between acne and chocolate.

Want to get more information on what an anti acne diet looks like, one dermatologist has put together a reference guide to explain the
Effect of Diet on Acne.  If you think that diet or nutritional supplements will affect your acne then this information may be all all that you need to resolve your current challenge.

The video below will describe how some of what is required to begin your own anti-acne diet.

Hopefully, you learnt something from the above video.  People generally want the easy route.  Tell them take this pill or change what you eat many will take the pill.  When you decide that this is not the route for you then you might want to find our more about acne erasing secrets and learning about an anti-acne diet.  In this video David spells out his thoughts on how diet and acne are related.  You can lear more at acne erasing secrets.

Acne Fighting Diet - The Chocolate Wars

Of the books I read, these two chocolate studies were discussed in all of them and except for the latest book, the Clear Skin Diet by Alan Logan and Valori Treloar are used to support the belief that there is no link between diet and acne.  However, the CSD authors examined the two chocolate studies in detail and report that based on modern research practices both studies were poorly conducted, too short for what was being examined and are of little value.  Also, more recent research reported in 2007 has identified a link between diet and acne.

Two key acne diet studies that I think really show this is the effects of the Western diet on the native Inuit in Northern Canada and the Japanese people.  As the typical Western diet is introduced into both cultures the level of acne has increased dramatically.  This would imply that to prevent acne, diet is critical.

It is very difficult to counter an industry when it comes to advertizing in regards to the foods we eat.  Unfortunately, the profit potential of a box of sugar cereal is far greater than an apple.  A recent survey showed that advertizing on unhealthy foods vs. healthy foods was greater than 20:1.  Fortunately, as people become more informed and industry sees a demand for more healthy foods are beginning to see more and more healthy foods being advertized for sale.

It is generally known that as you process food, more of the essential vitamins, minerals and fiber become less beneficial to the body.  They are either removed or altered during processing.  In some cases they may be added back but generally in a chemical form instead of a natural form.

For people with mild to moderate acne an acne fighting diet, which can influence your hormones can influence the level of sebum production and potentially reduce or improve acne flare-ups.

Prevent Acne - Diet

From my reading, here are a number of ideas you may want to consider investigating when looking into an acne cleaning diet.  Switch to eggs produced with free range chickens.  These eggs are much higher in omega 3 oils which have been shown to decrease inflammation.

Increase the amount of fruit and vegetables in your diet.  Almost all government food agencies suggest that the amount of fruit and vegetables consumed daily be greater than 5 servings.  Fruit and vegetables also contain natural levels of vitamins A, C, E and minerals zinc and selenium which have been beneficial to acne sufferers.

You may be wondering about a vegetarian diet and acne at this point.  Doing a quick Google search, it was obvious that even vegetarians have acne although there does appear to be a number who saw a decrease in their acne.  Some noted that when they went to all raw food, they saw an improvement in their acne.  So there must be some connection between a vegetarian diet and acne.  You may want to check it out when your acne is bad enough to make you want to make a major diet change.

Anti Acne Diet

Another interesting food is wild salmon which contains high levels of omega 3.  In one review I read, a women who ate salmon for many years and was acne free and after skipping this habit her acne flared up.  She fought this for years before starting to eat salmon again at which time her acne improved.

If you suspect your diet is having an effect on your acne, as many people who have acne believe, you may want to switch to a more friendly anti
acne diet for a period of about two months and monitor the results.  This is a fairly quick and inexpensive way to try and improve your acne and you may even improve your overall health and weight in the process.

Looking for more information, check out
Effect of Diet on Acne.