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Acne help – is only a step away

Help with acne can come is many forms

This website should provide you acne help but if you require more information or are unclear with what was presented, here are some alternate places to go for help with acne.

If you are ready to talk to someone

For starters, although it may not seem life threatening acne can and does reduce the quality of life for many people.  If you are looking for acne help, seek out professional help by visiting your family doctor or if you don’t think they are qualified in this field and are looking for someone with more experience to provide you help for acne or you think your acne is sever, get a referral or seek out a dermatologist who is a trained professional in skin diseases.  They should offer the type of help you are looking for to treat your acne.

When going to see either a doctor or dermatologist have a plan written down which includes all of your questions.  Ensure you include what you have already done and your thoughts on how useful it was in clearing up your acne.  Have an idea of what causes your acne, what seems to make it better or worse and when it flares up.  Prior to leaving the office, ensure that you have a clear path forward as well as all of your questions answered.

acne help, don't hide your face get help with your acne

Not ready to talk to someone

If you need help with acne and are not yet ready to talk to a professional such as a doctor or dermatologist you may want to read one of the books which are reviewed on the  acne book reviews page on this site.  They can generally be read within three to ten hours depending on the book and your reading speed.  In choosing the book you want to read try and identify what you want help with, read the reviews and purchase the one you think will be most appropriate.

Many people have had help with acne and describe their experiences in the Amazon book reivews.  The books below on acne and helth have all been highly rated by users.


Interestingly a number of people have asked the following:

1. Does toothpaste help acne?
2. Does lemon juice help acne?
3. Can drinking water help acne?

Let's look at these one at a time.

1. Does Toothpaste help acne?

For many toothpase does seem to help with acne.  The theory is that when you put regular toothpaste on an acne pimple or zit, let it dry over night that as the paste hardens it drys out the area and reduces the inflammation.  Others have reported that the toothpaste leaves a red spot/burn so caution is advised with this approach.

2. Does lemon juice help acne?

Some have found that putting lemon juice on their skin before they go to bed at night has resulted in cleaner looking skin in the morning.  Lemon juice can be a skin irritant so use caution and start out with a small amount when doing this.

3. Can drinking water help acne?

As far as drinking lots of water and expecting your acne to go away I did not find too many supporting reviews for this idea.  Yes, drinking water is good for you however it does not seem to be very good at reducing acne.

The bottom line is that what works for one acne sufferer does not necesarrly work for another.  There does seem to be a link to the foods that we eat and acne although many will say this is rubbish.  In his "Fit for Life" books Harvey Diamond provides a diet which has been found to provide help with acne for a number of people. Basically, his diet focuses on feeding the body the way it was designed to be fed.  One of these is to remove milk products from your diet.  I have read a few comments from people who have done this simple step and seen an improvement in their acne. 

I have followed many of his recommendations for a number of years and have found a vast improvement in my heath.  You may want to learn more by visiting
Fit For Life II and reading the reviews.

Acne References

Alternately, you can go down to the library and pick out a book on acne, talk to a pharmacist or search the internet.  If you are simply looking for more free information I have looked at a number of sites and the ones listed below appear to offer a lot of information in regards to acne help.











If you are a Canadian physician and are looking for help with acne for one of your patients and feel that you are unqualified to assist them in improving their acne, you can get acne help by visiting Consult Derm website.