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Here are Some Acne Prevention Tips You Can Master

Acne can’t be cured however, you can learn how to prevent acne

Acne prevention is the way to go if you are a teenager who is entering into puberty or an adult who is starting to see an increase in the level of acne on your skin.  Treating acne before it becomes a problem is really the only way how to prevent acne.  Acne is an incurable disease meaning that that the forces which cause acne are with every person every day.  Unfortunately, for some people their propensity for acne is greater than others.

A number of acne prevention tips will be detailed here which may help you in your battle with one of the most common skin diseases around.

Acne is a chronic disease which means it is a long term disease.  Some people unfortunately never out grow it and if you want to learn how to prevent acne then you need to learn some basic lifestyle skills which will help you.

How to Prevent Acne

If you are about to start your acne prevention program or routine your first though is likely to head to the local drug store and pick up some over the counter acne medication.  The two most common active ingredients in these products are benzyl peroxide and salicylic acid.  As each product reacts differently for each person you may have to experiment with a number of different brands before you find the one that is best for you.

acne prevention, reduce stress to reduce acne

When changing brands you may want to look at the inactive ingredients and keep the active ingredients the same.  You don’t need really concentrated products, 2 % for salicylic acid and 2.5% for benzyl peroxide have been shown to work quite well.

Both salicylic acid and benzyl peroxide work slightly differently so you may want to combine them.  A very elegant way of combining the two products into a total solution to prevent acne is presented by Terry Dubrow and Brenda Adderly in
The Acne CureThis book provides a number of ance prevention tips.

Their four step program appears to offer a sound acne prevention program that is said to improve acne in about 95% of the people who use it after a maximum of about six weeks.  The program they use, uses typical products that are also discussed in other books but which are not brought together as well as in The Acne Cure book.

Reading reviews posted on Amazon from people who followed this method showed that approximately 70% of the people gave this acne preventative technique 4 or 5 out of 5 stars.  So there are definitely people out there who have used the method and found it worked for them.  However, like all systems that work you need to follow the system on a daily basis.


Skin Cleansers

One of the other ance prevention tips is to ensure you keep your skin clean and healthy.  Skincare starts with you and the more you know about your skin the more equipped you'll be to care for it. The makeup you use is a big part of your skincare routine and if you're using the wrong makeup, your complexion and acne will suffer. To learn more about acne prevention and skincare visit Tyler Simone who uses 100% Pure and Natural Mineral Makeup and find out what the right makeup can do for you!