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Adult Acne Treatment and Solutions

Adult acne treatment and solutions are not always the same as teenagers

Women suffer more from adult onset acne than men

For many adults, adult acne treatment is something they likely did not plan on.  Most adults tend to think that acne is a teenage problem, one that occurs with the onset of puberty.  But there are currently over 20 million adults in North America that have been diagnosed with adult onset acne and the average age of people with this disease is increasing.

Interestingly, while teenage boys tend to suffer the most, it is adult women that tend to require adult acne treatments.  While rather dismaying, if you are one of the unfortunate adults suffering from this disease, the average duration of adult acne occurrence is up to 20 years.
If you have just been diagnosed with adult onset acne, you are not alone.  Currently it is estimated that there are more adult acne products being sold than ever.   For women, the big drivers in reoccurring acne are their hormonal changes from month to month, during pregnancy and during menopause.

A condition known as adult onset acne is when adults get acne for the first time as an adult and did not get acne as a teenager.  This can be quite a shock for someone who was quite thankful as a teen.  Some in this category may be feeling guilty for things said during the teen years against those who did suffer acne as teens but these taunts are not the cause of your acne. On the positive side, adults tend to get fewer whiteheads and blackheads.

For some reasons, as yet unexplained, the sebaceous gland has an increase response to the typical levels of acne causing hormones.

Adult acne, women enjoying a shower

As acne can be increased by stress and adults today believe they are under more stress than every this may be one of the causes of adult acne.  However, every generation has been under more stress than those previously due to our advancing society and therefore, it may just be our inability to handle the stress that may be getting out of equilibrium more than in the past which is leading to the increasing the levels of adult onset acne.

Also, some of the latest research has shown that the Western diet may be responsible for the increased level of acne.  By improving your diet you may reduce the level of
adult acne you are experiencing.

Adult Acne Solutions

When it comes to adult acne solutions choose a system which will work with your unique skin chemistry, personality and lifestyle. It is quite common to read that the adult acne products that worked for one person does not seem to do anything for their friends.
When you get to the point where the only thing you are thinking about is your acne, you may want to sit down and think about all of the other great things in your life and realize that one of the best adult acne treatments for you may be to realize that you are not your acne. Once you come to this realization, your stress will go down, you will start to live a more normal life and there is a possibility that with the reduced stress your acne will subside. Sometimes, the best adult acne treatment is simply forgetting about your acne.