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Anti acne diet
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Natural Acne Solutions
Anti acne diet

An Anti Acne Diet can Reduce your Level of Acne

Is there an anti acne diet?  Dermatologists can no longer dismiss the association between diet and acne states a recent article by Bowe et al in the July 2010 Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology.  Foods to watch out for were high glycemic foods such as white potatos, white rice and white bread.  I do not find this finding surprising as I have long held that diet has a role to play in many diseases including acne.  What I find interesting is that a number of dermatologist cast aside the connection between diet and acne.  Another book which I read, which was published in 2006, states that acne is probably not significantly influence by diet.

One has to assume that there are natural remedies to cure acne.  Looking into history, it has been documented that people living in Northern Canada and Japan had very low levels of acne until adopting a typical Western diet.
On a different level, I recently watched a TEDX talk by Dr Wahls’ who overcame multiple sclerosis (MS).  Now MS is a dreaded disease and I know two people who have died from it.  Dr Wahls’ was being treated in state of the art facilities and given state of the art drugs to keep her MS in check however, she continued to get worse.  Then she switched to a hunter gather diet which basically consisted of a lot of vegetables and some organ meats and over time reclaimed her life.

Now there may be very little links between MS and acne however if ingesting the correct foods can reduce the effects of MS one would think that one of the natural remedies to cure acne would be to start eating properly.

Anti Acne Diet

So here is the rub.  When you go to your doctor and talk to them about your acne there is a high degree of probability that they have not been trained in how your diet can affect your acne.  Since they are unaware they are unlikely to prescribe.  Also, think about it, people are more likely to take a pill or layer on a cream than they are to change their diet.

Another concern is, who is going to pay for this improved diet?  You see when your doctor gives you a prescription drug, you can claim against your health insurance and generally get money back.  You cannot send your grocery bill to the insurance company.  At least not yet.  So even if your doctor described to you an anti acne diet, they are unlikely to prescribe it to you and even if they did it is unlikely that your insurance provider would pay for it.

Therefore, since it is easier and cheaper to use medicine to treat your acne instead of changing your diet people overall, in my opinion, will choose to use over the counter medicines and prescribed drugs instead of adopting a new diet.  Change for the average person is difficult, complaining is easier.