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Back Acne Treatment Can Be A Real Pain In The Neck 

Back Acne Remedies and Cures for Back Acne Maybe Different Than Your Face

For some reason it has been found that back acne responds slower to typical acne treatment products than one would expect based on facial experiences.  As with facial acne, one of the first back acne remedies which may help you is to ensure you are cleaning your back on a daily basis using a body wash which contains one of the two main over the counter products: salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.

back acne treatment, couple on a beach with healthy backs

Back acne treatment can be somewhat different than what you would use on your face as the hair follicles are different.  On your face the hair is about the same size as the pore it comes out of making the space for the sebum limited.  The hair follicles on the back however are very small and therefore there is much more room for the sebum to escape and pour onto your skin.

Back acne tends to be seen more frequently on adults, mainly men who participate in vigorous sports and wear tight cloths.

One theory of how back acne occurs is as follows: While playing vigorous sports, the perspiration absorbs into the clothing and ultimately some is absorbed by the skin, expanding it somewhat like overstaying your time in a hot tub or bath.  This swelling puts pressure on the pore which can cause it to narrow or close.  Once this occurs a plug can form which is the beginning of an acne liaison.  If you think this is potentially the cause of your back acne, then one of the back acne remedies which may work for you is to switch to baggy clothing or changing your sweat bands more frequently.

Your desire for a back acne treatment will likely pick up in the summer when it is time to go to the beach or you are going out and want to wear is strapless dress or sleeveless shirt.  In these cases, you have a lot of skin exposed and nothing to cover your back up with.  To help you overcome this potentially embarrassing situation you can do one of two things. Either live with and accept your acne or attempt to an back acne treatment.

Cures for Back Acne

Unfortunately, there are no known cures for back acne as acne is not a treatable disease, it is only a preventable disease.  It is known that not all products work with every person so just because you use a product for two months and don't see the results you are looking for does not mean you are doomed to a life of acne.  Write down the main ingredients and carrier for the product that did not work and go out and pick up something that is different.  Eventually, you will find something that works.  

Some products which have worked for some people are Murad's Clarifying Body Spray, Proactiv, Dial Gold, Neutrogena or Clean & Clear.