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A Natural Acne Cure as Well as Natural Remedies to Cure Acne
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Natural Remedies to Cure Acne may involve changing your lifestyle

If you are looking for a natural acne cure you likely either have tried over the counter (OTC) acne products and they didn’t work or you are concerned about the health risks from the use of these products and are looking for natural remedies to cure acne.  Concerns with OTC acne products range from the long term effects on your skin, sensitization or allergic reactions.

When considering a
natural acne cure people are generally interested in finding a non drug related way to improve their acne.  This may involve: altering their diet, reducing their stress level, changing their lifestyle, using herbs, minerals or vitamins and the use of botanicals.  There is quite a controversy over natural remedies to cure acne as much of the needed research documenting the link between acne and diet or lifestyle has not been completed.

An Acne Diet for You

Recent studies, as outlined in The Clear Skin Diet, suggest that there is indeed a link between the foods you eat and the lifestyle you live and acne.  This 2007 book contains numerous examples of how you can adopt an anti acne diet which will generally improve your diet and reduce your acne at the same time.

Here are some areas which you may want to consider when it comes to acne prevention.  Remember, there is no cure all for acne and what works for someone else may not work for you.


Increase your wild salmon intake
Eggs produced by free range chickens as they have a higher content of omega 3 fatty acids
Ensure you are getting an adequate supply of vitamins A, B, C, E as well as the minerals Zinc and Seienium
The amount of sleep you get
Antioxidant consumption
High fiber foods


Milk consumption
Omega 6 fatty acids
Processed meat and cheese

Remember though that there is no cure for acne, only prevention.  Thus, if by altering what you eat and moving to foods which constitute a more positive
acne diet, switching back to your old habits will likely result in a return of your acne.

Natural remedies to cure acne

Natural Remedies to Cure Acne

There have also been strong suggestions that stress increases a person’s acne.   Thus, a
cne can be a bit like a catch 22 situation.  You get acne, you get stressed out about your acne and as your stress level increases your acne increases with it.

So it is believed that by decreasing your stress level you will improve your acne.  Therefore, you may want to examine relaxation techniques.  Note that people behave differently to stress so what may cause acne in one will not necessarily cause acne in another.

Ways to improve your handling of stress include exercise, mediation, biofeedback, yoga, listening to classical music, cognitive behavioral therapy, aromatherapy, massage, visualization, walking in the woods and similar relaxation techniques.





Alternate Techniques

There are also other ways you can go.  New technologies show that blue light with a wavelength between 410 and 420 nanometers will penetrate the skin and kill the bacteria P. acnes which is one of the causes of acne.